Welcome to Tran's Senior Oasis

Tran's Senior Oasis is a eight-bed spectacular residential personal-care home (assisted living facility) licensed and in exemplary standing with the Texas Health and Human Services (HHS) located in Round Rock, Texas. We provide 24 hours compassionate, personalized-care to seniors who are unable to live safely and independently in their current living arrangement. Our mission is to give our seniors the highest quality of life- both emotionally and physically in a family- centered beautiful home-like setting.

Tran's Senior Oasis is nestled on a gated property with 2 acres of mature trees, many species of birds and animals as well as a colony of deer which roam freely in plain view. The fresh country air and lush greenery provide a tranquil sight as well as a smoothing sound mimicking nature's tone! There is ample space to take a walk or sit on the porch to relax or reminisce about life. This serene environment promotes spiritual and mental wellness as well as body healing.

Experienced and compassionate caregivers tend to your every need in a respectful and dignified way while your medical and health issues are monitored and addressed daily by Dr. Tran. We want you to thrive at Tran's Senior Oasis in your golden days in our immaculate and lovely home. Your quality of life starts here at our place which is now your home.

What makes Tran's Senior Oasis different from other residential personal-care homes?

Here are reasons you must know!

  • Reason #1

    Tran's Senior Oasis is owned and operated by a Doctorate prepared Gerontological Nurse Practitioner, Dr. Luan Nguyen-Tran, with over 16 years of specialty senior-care experience and knowledge.
    Families have "peace of mind" under Dr. Tran and her staff's care.

  • Reason #2

    Dr. Tran is on-site every day, and on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ensuring that your loved one receives medical and health attention promptly - not 2 days or 2 weeks later.
    Residents, families and staff have direct and unlimited access to Dr. Tran in person, phone, email or text.

  • Reason #3

    Only a select highly trained and experienced caregivers with caring hearts for seniors are employed to work at Tran's Senior Oasis.
    All staff are trained and supervised by Dr. Tran and are held to the highest standard of care with regards to professionalism and compassion.

  • Reason #4

    We are centrally located in Round Rock, Texas in a gated community with 2 acres of mature trees and animals- very much like a resort but close to all major hospitals and highways.
    Residents live in a lovely and immaculate residence that feels like home, not a facility.

  • Reason #5

    Our mission is to achieve EXCELLENCE in all aspects of your loved one's care.
    We are proactive and work towards giving your loved ones the highest quality of life in their golden years.

  • Reason #6

    Tran's Senor Oasis was created for Dr. Tran's aging parents and inspired by her very own senior patients who needed a higher level of care.
    What an honor to care for seniors and make them feel special 24 hours a day!

  • Reason #7

    Your loved one will be encouraged to participate in daily cognitive, physical, and social activities. They will not just sit in front of the TV or window or in their room alone.
    We provide a personalized and comprehensive "plan of care" to ensure each senior's specific needs are met.

  • Reason #8

    Residents are served fresh fruits, vegetables, and home cooked meals with flexible menus tailored to the residents' requests and needs.
    At their age, seniors should not have to "eat to live" but rather "live to eat pleasurably."

  • Reason #9

    Our rates are fixed and affordable for furnished semi-private and private rooms with free Internet access, cable, and phone access.
    This is the BEST VALUE for the BEST CARE hands down!

  • Reason #10

    All of the nine reasons stated above translates to-residents who receive excellent evidenced-based care and families that have "peace of mind" under Dr. Tran and her staff's care.
    The environment is beautiful and the low staff to resident ratio ensures personalized-care for your loved one.

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