1What is the monthly cost and how can it be funded?
Tran's Senior Oasis's monthly fee depends on the type of the room (private or semi-private room) and the "Level of Care" on admission. Since cost of care is a variable and important factor, a personal conversation is highly warranted. With that being said, fees and rates will not be disclosed on the telephone or any social methods. In this healthcare environment and climax- you really do get what you pay for. By personally visiting our home, interacting with staff and residents, and speaking to family members of past and present residents, it will help guide your decision on the value (cost) of the excellent care your loved one will receive. For more information, please refer to the Admission Criteria Tab under Cost of Care.

2 Can my loved one stay here when they get older?
We would like for our seniors to stay and "age in place" in our home until the very last day of their life. However, in some instances, a transfer to another facility to better meet their needs may be warranted. It is a case-by-case situation wherein the best interest of the resident dictates that decision.

3 What are the visiting hours?
There are no set visiting hours for immediate family members.  However, our seniors want to enjoy their meals uninterrupted.  Therefore, health care providers and other visitors are not allowed in the facility between 12 noon and 1 pm daily.  Family members may come anytime of the day including lunch time.

4 Are pets allowed?
Visiting pets are allowed but not to permanently stay with the resident.

5 Does the facility provide transportation?
Unfortunately we do not provide any type of transportation out of the building.  The resident's family will be responsible for taking their loved one using their private car.

6 Are there religious services?
Yes.  Depending on your loved one's religious affiliation, we are able to accommodate visiting church members, have mass, or bring the Eucharist to the bedside.

7 Will there be staff at night to help my loved one?
Yes.  We have dedicated caregivers onsite 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including all weekends and holidays. During the day, there are 2-3 caregivers providing care to each resident. At night, caregivers are awake and readily available to assist each resident.

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