Ms. Rose

Placing our 91-year-old mom who suffers from Dementia into a Senior Assisted Living Center was an agonizing decision. My sister had been her full-time caregiver for the past four years with the help of two of my siblings that lived close by, but when she was no longer able to walk with a walker and became confined to a wheelchair, we faced reality and searched for the best facility. Our mom has been at Tran's Senior Oasis for four months now and we are so thankful - knowing that we could not have made a better decision.

Mom has thrived since the move. At first, Mom thought that Dr. Tran was one of her daughters! Dr. Tran was able to regulate her diet and her long list of medications, and wean her from things that my mom did not need. The result was that our mom has thrived at Tran's Senior Oasis. Although there are still those times when she thinks that I still live in California (I moved here in July of 2018 to be closer to her), her memory and cognitive stills have improved. Her trembling has diminished to the point where she can feed herself without assistance. And when she forgets that she can't stand and walk on her own and tries to get out of her wheelchair, one of the loving caregivers are always there to make sure she does not fall. I love how the staff puts makeup on the ladies every day, how they are constantly interacting with all of the ladies and treating them with the utmost love, grace and dignity. Dr. Tran has allowed my nephew to come over and play the organ to entertain the ladies and she has allowed me and my wife to lead the ladies in Bible devotionals and singing (I have been amazed at how the ladies will join in singing both Christmas carols and traditional church hymns).

As a former church pastor and church elder, I have visited many elder care facilities and I can say unequivocally that Tran's Senior Oasis is above and beyond what I thought could be offered in elder care.

Brian Chock, Son

I have been my mom's primary caregiver since my dad passed away 6 years ago. Her memory began to decline and she moved in with us 4.5 years ago. Her memory and physical health worsened and by the fall of 2019, she was sleeping 20 hours per day, unable to walk or feed herself. I made the very hard decision to place her in an assisted living facility. My sister did a lot of research, we whittled the list down, and we started visiting places. We visited large, fancy, expensive facilities that looked great but could only commit to a once every 2 hour room check. We visited home settings that were run down, smelly, and had residents parked in wheelchairs. We visited a new facility that limited your access to your loved one to daytime hours. I started to think we were not going to find a place that met our requirements. My sister and her son visited Dr. Tran's Oasis, and they were convinced that this was the right place. Dr. Tran came to my house to assess my mother's needs and answer any questions we had. We were convinced that Dr. Tran has a true passion for taking care of the elderly. My mother was ready to leave with Dr. Tran that day!

We moved my mother in late October and have had no regrets. Dr. Tran and her staff treat the residents as family. They sing, play games, exercise, laugh and hug. They have taken the time to get to know my mother, her likes and dislikes, and my mom is thriving. Under Dr. Tran's care, she is taking less medication, is eating and drinking on her own, and is walking again. My mom is engaged with the staff and the other residents and she is much more her old self. If you had asked me 6 months ago I would have told you that no one could take better care of my mom than I, but I was wrong. Dr. Tran and her staff are the best. I can now take care of myself and my family and just be my mother's daughter again.

Kim Mathias

Ms. Betty

Mom has resided at TSO for a little over a year. She is content, safe and clean while being treated with love and respect by the owner and caregivers of Tran's Senior Oasis. Mother enjoys time on the pleasant covered porch where we enjoy time listening to birds, watching the deer or listening to the rain on the tin roof. The grounds are pleasant and natural and make for a relaxing time outside.

Inside the home is warm, cozy, clean and comfortable. Meals are never rushed and are wholesome and simple for all appetites. The caregivers are friendly and loving to the residents and visiting family members. I'm so happy to find a loving, caring and safe environment that my mom is treated with such respect and care. I sleep better knowing that Dr. Tran is close at hand for any needs at the house and that her staff are trained and attentive. Thank you to all at TSO for giving to our loved ones.

Daughter of Betty, December, 2019

Ms. Apolonia

Our mother came to Dr. Tran's Senior Oasis about 10 months ago. She had previously been an assisted living memory care facility for 2 years. It was a nice place initially, but after a buy-out with management and staff turnovers following, we had concerns about the level of care she was receiving. The Senior Oasis was recommended to us by one of her doctor's assistant. What a Godsend that was!

The property is beautiful, with large trees and a greenbelt area in the back where you can occasionally see deer. Even though it's in a neighborhood, it feels so peaceful! When I walk around with my mother, she always says how lovely it is, and how she'd like to live there! I laugh and remind her, Mama, you DO live here!

Dr. Tran's medical experience and training, combined with her huge heart, and persistent and flexible nature, make her the ideal person to head up an in-home assisted living space. One time when I was visiting, Dr. Tran came to give my mother her pills. My mom wouldn't swallow them with her water. So Dr. Tran went inside, and put them in some applesauce. But still, my mom wouldn't swallow them. Undeterred, Dr. Tran mashed up the pills, to insure that my mother would get her needed medication!

The caregivers are so kind to their patients. They treat them as beloved family members! Every day they get them up and dressed nicely, do their hair and makeup, and even give them manicures! The home-cooked meals are tasty, and they accommodate my mom's special dietary needs. There are singalongs for the ladies, and activities for them. It's such a loving environment! We feel very blessed to have found the Senior Oasis, and know that our mama is getting excellent care, on a daily basis.

The Sergi Family, June 4, 2019

Ms. Merrie and Toby (dog)

I helped a family member become a resident at Tran's Senior Oasis, and it has been the BEST experience. She is comfortable and pleased with her new home and extended family-and so are we!!!

Dr. Tran has established an attentive, caring and well-run organization that is truly a "home" where my loved one is comfortable, well-loved and happy. The facility is small (6 residents), non-institutional, and the serene country-like setting with trees and the porch is inviting.

What also makes this home exceptional includes the attentiveness of staff, the intimate environment, the caring attitudes, and the "extra" personalized things they do for each resident. Staff prepares fresh home-cooked meals, engages in daily activities and most of all, the owner and staff I met are providing 24 hours personalized care with the attention that I believe they would give their own loved ones.

Over the past decade, my family member has lived in several assisted living facilities in the Round Rock area including more recently a local, beautifully appointed facility that was highly recommended BUT just didn't measure up to the environment of care that Dr. Tran has created. She and her staff have hearts of gold and a well-run facility.

JAS (sister-in-law), January 2019

Ms. Doris

My mother was at Tran's Senior Oasis for over a year. The team there is not only competent, but also very caring. They join in with the residents in group singing and physical therapy and are also able to spot medical issues like mobility or swallowing problems hence bringing in specialists who promptly recommend drug/therapy/lifestyle corrections. The residents are well groomed, well fed, and engaged. This is as far from the depressing industrial setting as it's possible to get. The staff treat the residents not like strangers, but like their own relatives. In my opinion, the difference is love. There is a lot of love on display at Tran's Senior Oasis.

J. Crockett, August 20, 2018

Ms. Anna Belle

Our family feels very fortunate to have found such a caring, loving and safe home for our mother to live in. All her needs are taken care of, including medical care. The staff keeps her engaged by helping her walk around the big, beautiful outdoor area, leading her in singing and games, and keeping her well-groomed and clean. They even keep her looking beautiful by applying makeup, fingernail polish and hair styling daily. Perhaps the most important thing for Ms. Anna Belle is the weekly bible study and singing with the visiting Chaplains. She feels that she has attended worship and her spirit is uplifted, fulfilled, and at peace. Lastly, she especially enjoys mealtimes when all the ladies sit around the table family-style with the caregivers as they enjoy nourishment together. We are very pleased that our mother is part of the Trans Senior Oasis family.

Daughters of Ms. Anna Belle, August 2017

Ms. B. E.

My 96-year-old mom has only lived in Tran's Senior Oasis for less than 2 months. In just this short time, she looks and acts more relaxed and comfortable than I have seen her for several years. I know her needs are being met and so much more.

Believe Luan when she says she will care for your parent. They really do have a sing time, an exercise time, rest time, and desirable looking food. The kind caregivers really do engage each resident in her own interests according to their abilities. For example, my mother can't concentrate to read or write or color but she LOVES conversation and having lipstick and nail polish applied. I can tell that these things make her feel more like the person she once was.

I am a Registered Nurse and have dealt with and seen many facilities. This facility is the most professional and transparent and ethical that I have experienced.

I have complete confidence in Luan's direction and her caregivers who are both kind AND professional.My mother is getting MUCH more than the Tran's Senior Oasis has advertised. She is really living the end of her life to its fullest!!!

From Ms. C. R. - July 2, 2017

Dr. G. T.

Over the past two years my brother and I have regularly repeated to each other what a monumental blessing it has been for our entire family to have had our wonderful father at Senior Oasis. From our first tour of your residence to our final visit after Daddy passed away, we have seen the highest level of professionalism, devotion and expertise. You and your family have been paramount in creating such a warm environment filled with fun activities, humor, holiday celebrations, personalized care, and special foods. The caregivers have become our extended family.

Our father relished all the attention and assistance you and the staff provided. My brother and I will be ever grateful for your arranging for his medicine, treatments, the dentist and hospice in addition to his daily care. Having our father in a home setting until the last meant the world to us. We truly couldn't have asked for more.

With a world of thanks,

The T. Family

Ms. E. F.

The family of E. F. is so grateful to the Lord for His guidance in leading us to Trans Senior Oasis. The level of love and care that our mom receives can only be described as "excellent beyond measure" by both Gerontologist Luan Tran and her amazing staff.

Those residing at Tran's Senior Oasis truly have a "home life" for this later season of their lives. Our mom really enjoys the "home cooked" meals, the games and crafts that residents participate in and especially sitting on the beautiful shaded back deck gazing out at the landscape and the deer and other animals that may come into the back yard! There is lots of room for walking with her walker to get some great outdoor exercise! Since Tran's Senior Oasis is a large beautiful home that was remodeled for receiving 6 residents, the floor plan of the home with the very large open kitchen/dining area/living area allows for lots of space for residents and caregivers. Privacy for "family time" is also available in a smaller den area as well. Mom's semi private bedroom is nicely decorated, spacious and has ideal furniture arrangements for her clothing and personal belongings.

The holiday periods are a wonderful time for residents and their families. At Christmas, Luan took the time to make a photograph of each resident, put it on a Christmas card, and mailed it to 5 close friends of each resident's. During the Christmas season, the home was very festive. At the Christmas party, residents and families enjoyed a very special time together with a wonderful meal and Christmas presents for all!

When medical episodes with my mom's health have occurred, Luan has been quick to assess mom's condition and share that with our family. Any changes to medicines have been acted on quickly. Outside medical personnel, such as physical therapists, have been readily utilized to help mom recover from stroke incidents when they have occurred.

Because of Luan's passion in caring for seniors and keeping their families appraised of your loved one's needs as they may change, we are so confident about mom's daily care and concerns for her health. Any time we have needed to talk to Luan, she has been readily available in person, by phone or by text. This level of access to the director of an assisted living facility is outstanding and amazing!

My husband and I have already told Luan that, if in our senior years, we need an assisted living facility, we are definitely coming to Trans' Senior Oasis!

L. K. - Daughter of E. F.

We enjoyed caring for mom in our home until she had a bad fall resulting from a stroke. Knowing her life style had to change and honoring her request to never be "in one of those facilities", we began to search for a place where she would get the required care and to also be happy. We were thrilled to find Tran's Senior Oasis just north of where mom still owned her own home. With impaired vision and dementia, we found Dr. Tran and her staff to be the perfect place for mom.

The Oasis is a beautiful home for 6 residents with a setting like mom loves with trees, a deck and frequent deer in the back yard. The residents are treated by the staff and Dr. Tran like family with respect, honor and love. The resident dog and visiting children also make the care home feel like home. Thankfully, Dr. Tran is able to monitor and change medication when necessary. Activities are planned to enhance general health and brain functioning with PT, OT, and any other specialized help right in the house so there is little need for the residents to leave unless family takes them out for a meal or family time. The women are treated daily with preferred make up and nail polish so they are always beautiful. The home cooked food is always tasty with diet restrictions always in mind. We even moved mom's organ to her new residence hoping to stimulate that part of her brain with a loved activity. I can even bring her own dog to visit her and she is always thrilled to see Blackie!

The Oasis is always clean and free of any "nursing home" odor. Each resident's room may be decorated with familiar items thus enhancing the home feeling. I have always found the residents in clean clothing and well groomed.

Dr. Tran and her well trained staff offer me the comfort that I know mom is cared for 24 hours a day. I can call any time to talk to her. For special holidays and celebrations Dr. Tran always encourages families to join their loved one as well as visiting any day.

I know that God put Tran's Senior Oasis in our life to give our mom the best place possible in her twilight years and I would highly recommend it for your mom or dad.

S. S. - Daughter of E. F.

Ms. B. W.

Tran's Senior Oasis was truly a life-saver for our mother, B. We moved her from the retirement home she was in and took her to Dr. Tran's as soon as there was an opening.

Tran's is a private, family home that is comfortable, charming, and familiar; to the residents, it feels like they are visiting friends and have been asked to stay a while. Home-cooked meals are prepared right there in the kitchen and living area. The patients can watch their food being made, can give suggestions for meals they would like, and can even help in some cases. The "family" dining table is right there, too, in this open living area that overlooks a sprawling yard filled with flowers, trees, and often some deer and rabbits.

There is a large TV with comfortable chairs for each resident and for guests. Each person has a private or semi-private room with ample closet space and room for personal items, pictures, and more.

Every possible need is met and the wonderful, caring staff helps with everything. They help with bathing, grooming, dressing, walking, and keeping them company. For the first time in years, Mom was not lonely. She smiled more and was really happy all the time. The residents are so few in number that they quickly make friends, watch TV together, play dominos and do hand-crafts. They even made their own Christmas ornaments for the tree this year!

The residents' medical needs are fully met, daily medicines are given to them, and there are several staff members on duty all the time so they are never alone.

I can't say enough positive things about our whole experience with the Tran's facilities and staff. Mom was treated like a queen, dressed and groomed beautiful each day, and she felt special for the first time since she had been in any retirement home. Unlike her previous facility, Tran's made her feel like she mattered and was a friend.

Our mother became stronger and more positive mentally, as well as feeling better physically. We will always be grateful to Dr. Tran and her family and staff.


Family member

Ms. J. G.

I found Trans Senior Oasis at a very trying time for my Mother. They not only nursed her back to health but have kept her happy, well cared for and safe. The feeling is that of a real home not an assisted living facility. It gives me such peace of mind that Mom is taken care of by a staff that is attentive, well trained and loving. The care is more one on one than any other place I researched. I trust Dr. Tran and her staff to care for my Mom's dementia and other medical needs.

Family Member

Ms. B. S.

It was our good fortune to find Tran's Senior Oasis in a time of need. In her current situation, our 92 year old mother had fallen 3 times in 4 weeks. It was time to find a smaller, gentler, quiet place where she would receive individual care. Our friends recommended Tran's Senior Oasis. We moved quickly and never looked back. Tran's Senior Oasis offers exceptional care with Dr. Tran's daily attention to the residents. The outstanding caregivers treat each resident with affection, kindness and respect.

As a nurse, I highly recommend the Oasis for the exemplary care your family member will receive. As a daughter, I can tell you that you will never have to worry when your family member is in their hands. By the way, our mother never fell again.

Family Member

Ms. B. J. T.

Tran's Senior Oasis……just the name of the place exudes a relaxing, trusting and welcoming peace for anyone who has a loved one they cannot care for completely on their own.

In my book, assisted living means knowing your loved one is well cared for at home. It means you don't worry about their well-being because you know they are surrounded by a loving and caring staff who take care of all the little health issues before they develop into big ones that could threaten their current level of independence. This is the definition of Tran's Senior Oasis.

Dr. Tran and her staff welcomed our family into the Oasis Family from the first visit to see if it would be a good place for mom. As time has passed since she moved in, our family has become part of the Oasis Family. It truly is an oasis; for the first time in over a decade, I know mom is happy and surrounded by people who really do care about her and are willing to do what it takes to meet all her needs….and then top it off with unconditional love. Peace, comfort, tranquility, and love, all in one happy home! I thank God that my mom lives at the Oasis!

Daughter of B. J. T. (July 2016)

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