About Luan Nguyen-Tran

Luan Nguyen-Tran, RN, DNP, GNP-BC Doctor of Nursing Practice, Gerontological Nurse Practitioner

My philosophy is that working with older adults is a true honor and privilege. I am passionate about caring for my seniors and believe that together, we can increase the quality of life for each and every one of them.  My love for geriatrics began with my 102 year old grandmother.  She was my first teacher!  But above all, she was my friend who opened my eyes and heart to a world full of legacy, meaningful insight, and wisdom for older adults.

I received my Bachelors of Nursing at the University of Texas Medical Branch- School of Nursing at Galveston in 1997 and began my clinical experience as a registered nurse in nursing homes. There I learned first-hand the importance of humanistic and compassionate elder-care.  In 2001, I received my Masters of Nursing from the University of Arkansas Medical Science- Graduate School and worked as a geriatric advanced practice nurse in outpatient clinics and long-term care facilities.  Working in this capacity, I grew to appreciate the many facets of complex health conditions and social issues among seniors.

In 2005 I opened my independent clinical practice, Geriatric Health and Wellness Center, which services the Round Rock, Texas area. Through Geriatric Health and Wellness Center I address and manage the medical and counseling needs of older adults by promoting healthy lifestyles. For the past twelve years, Geriatric Health and Wellness Center has allowed me to deliver compassionate, cost-effective, high-quality healthcare to my patients in multiple settings, including clinics, private homes, assisted-living facilities, and personal-care homes.

In May 2012, I achieved one of my most gratifying accomplishments when I received a doctorate from the Texas Christian University's Doctor of Nursing Practice Program.  My advanced capstone project, titled, "The Development of a Beginners' Tai Chi Exercise Program to Prevent Falls Among Older Adults," so piqued my interest that I have plans to initiate a program based on its findings. 


As I've continued to work with the geriatric community in the Round Rock area, I've discovered, much to my surprise, just how many advanced-aged seniors are or will be in need of age-in-place services.  I was particularly alarmed when I realized how many of my current patients lack a place to go once their health deteriorates and they grow less independent.

The most logical solution was to open a residential personal-care home.  Thus I created, Tran's Senior Oasis, a home-like facility providing 24-hour compassionate, personalized-care for seniors who can no longer safely live independently.  This residential personal-care home was created in part for my own aging parents but is also inspired by my elderly patients in my practice. Therefore, my love and training of older adults reflects every aspect of the home and the staff is hand-picked and trained to my expectation. Tran's Senior Oasis marks the first time I am in a position to offer my seniors individualized, evidence-based healthcare along the full spectrum of functional independence to end-of-life issues.

 It is my hope that the fact that I own and operate both businesses that this can alleviate some of the stress my patients and their families face during this difficult life-stage and provide a high quality of life for my senior patients.  After 18 years of working in elder-care and nearly a decade of formal healthcare education, I'm excited that I can now deliver the compassionate, comprehensive, and holistic care to seniors that I always envisioned. For over a decade and a half, I've cared for the needs of older adults, continuing throughout to gather extensive knowledge and experience in the field of geriatrics. As you can see, I am passionate about seniors and I believe this is my calling.

Community Service

I am the Chief-Executive-Officer of Austin Vietnamese-American Medical Professional Society (AVAMPS) since 2008.  I am the coordinator of their annual health fair and this year will be the 17th annual event.

Austin Vietnamese-American Medical Professional Society is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization composed of various disciplines of health care professionals. We provide basic health care, screening of common diseases, patient education, and referral for community resources to the Vietnamese communities of Austin.

Our mission is "To enhance the health and wellness of high risk elderly, uninsured, and low income Vietnamese adults through basic health care, screening, education and referral services".

There is no entry fee and all services rendered at the health fair are complimentary on a first come first served basis. Each year we have positively impacted over 500 participants at this one epic event.

We provide many services such as assessment of blood pressure readings and body mass-indexes. Perhaps the most popular and highest in demand services we offer are the fasting blood tests to screen for high cholesterol and diabetes and blood testing for Hepatitis B & C. Traditional flu vaccines, basic dental hygiene screening, vision screening and referral for mammograms are also rendered during the event.  Unique to this health fair is the "Physician Panel" who gives onsite medical consultation regarding the patrons' lab work results or answers any health questions. We also provide educational lectures and have educational booths on common health conditions, dietary consultation specific to this culture, fall prevention, and medication safety assessment (Brown Bag). The Austin Police Department participates in our event by providing ID fingerprinting services and safety topics (DWI, correct car seat installation, fire prevention). Furthermore, over a dozen community services join in on the effort of helping our community stay healthy and well informed.

My husband, Dr. Viet Tran, who is the medical director of AVAMPS and my three girls roll up their sleeves and put on their tennis shoes for this one day and work tirelessly along with 100 volunteers to serve our community.  It is the most gratifying event that I look forward to each year.

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